Musical Theatre Classes for Your Broadway-Bound Performer

A performer in one of Stagelight Performing Arts' musical theatre classes rehearses for his performance.
Musical Theatre classes bring your child’s dreams of being a song and dance star to reality.

If you’ve ever found your child dancing down store aisles, belting their heart out in the shower, or practicing their Tony Award-winning speech with a hairbrush in hand, it sounds like your Broadway-Bound star needs Musical Theatre Classes!

Be a Part of the Legacy of Musical Theatre

Although it’s believed that the art of Musical Theatre began in Ancient Greece around 2,500 years ago, it is just as, if not more relevant and important for children to learn today. While theatre originated as a form of entertainment for the masses, ranging from upbeat and silly comedies to cautionary tales in the form of heart wrenching tragedies, theatre and Musical Theatre classes help children to develop skills such as communication, commitment, dedication, perseverance, multi-tasking, and problem solving, on top of building toward the mastery of musicality, rhythm, and teamwork.

Become a Better Performer in Musical Theatre Class

Calling all future Broadway stars! In our welcoming and supportive Musical Theatre Song & Dance classes at Stagelight Performing Arts, your child gains a foundation in vocal music, dance, and performance training in an artistic outlet that builds confidence and promotes creative expression. Through guided vocal warmups, song memorization, and fast-paced choreography and dance combinations, students leave class equal parts exhausted and elated by their weekly accomplishments. This class is the perfect place to start if your child is looking to land the lead role in the school play or simply needs a structured program to fulfill their never-ending performance aspirations. It’s also an excellent way for them to build lasting friendships in and outside of class. If you are new to Musical Theatre Song & Dance classes, be sure to enroll in a Level I class.

Our Musical Theatre Song & Dance class is separated into two segments: half the class helps develop vocal music skills in your child, and the other half of class covers Broadway-style dance. Our highly-skilled teachers guide your child through vocal and dance warm-ups, character development, choreography, and ensemble-building exercises during each class. Students in Musical Theatre Song & Dance spend three weeks working on a Broadway-inspired routine, comprehensive with Song & Dance, that combines all of their newfound skills and lessons. At the end of those three weeks, students get the chance to show off all of their hard work and dedication in a small-scale performance for their fellow students in another class. This regular and consistent opportunity to “Live on Stage,” no matter how small the actual stage, gets our performers hooked and eager for more.

Dress for the Role You Dream Of

Performers in Musical Theatre class wearing leotards and leggings or fitted workout wear with hair secured out of face..
Female performers in Musical Theatre Song & Dance class should wear a leotard and leggings or dance shorts with black or tan slip on jazz shoes. Fitted workout wear for males and females is also acceptable. Hair should always be secured out of the face in a bun or ponytail.

Wearing the right dance wear to class prepares your dancer to be focused in class and helps the instructor provide more detailed corrections for your child. Girls should wear a leotard and leggings or dance shorts, or workout wear (no midriffs showing), with hair secured out of the face. Boys can come dressed in workout wear or essentially anything they can move in.

All Musical Theatre Song & Dance dance students should wear slip-on jazz shoes. Our favorite brands are Capezio or Bloch, and our preferred colors are black and tan. Traditionally, the color of the shoe should match the color worn on the ankle or lower leg. For instance, if the dancer is wearing black leggings, black jazz shoes are best. Alternatively, if the dancer is wearing skin tone tights or bare legs, a tan or skin tone jazz shoe is best. Having two pairs of jazz shoes is not required, however, especially as it becomes quite an expense with how fast your child’s feet grow! If you want only one pair, we recommend black jazz shoes.

Be sure to grab all of the Musical Theatre class gear you need for class HERE!

Advanced Levels for More Experienced Performers Challenge and Inspire

If your dedicated performer has completed at least one or two years of training in our Musical Theatre Song & Dance program, they may be ready for our Level II or Level III classes! For students who simply cannot stop singing show tunes or practicing their dance combinations for months prior to their performance date, they may be ready to take their training to a new level. These advanced levels present the class curriculum in the same structure as our Level I class, but students are introduced into a faster-paced learning environment with more complex choreography, staging, and music. They even get the opportunity to work on solo performances and participate in smaller group work.

As our Level II and III Musical Theatre Song & Dance classes require a slightly elevated skill level from our performers, they are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. Instructor approval is given to currently enrolled students in their annual class recommendation forms at the end of the current season. For new incoming students, performers who have taken Musical Theatre classes at other studios or schools may be ready for a higher level. If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline, you can schedule an assessment with one of our teachers. If enrollment is currently open and you are interested in registering for an upper level class, please email the studio at to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified instructors.

Performers in our upper-level classes are required to enroll in a separate technique class that serves to contribute to their growing strength as a dancer. Approved technique programs at Stagelight include: Ballet, Broadway Jazz, Contemporary/Modern, and Jazz dance classes. Students who enroll in a Level II or III Musical Theatre Song & Dance class are required to enroll in at least one of these co-requisite programs at any level.

Now, Grab Your Place in Class Like You Want that Place on Stage!

Watch your child’s face light up and their confidence soar as they nail the combination for the first time or shine flawlessly while executing their solo. The confidence doesn’t stop there. Just wait until they hit the stage–they won’t want to leave! Grab your spot in one of Stagelight’s most popular classes now! Ready? 5-6-7-8!



It’s time for your child to live on stage. Secure their place in Musical Theatre Song & Dance or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!