Singing Lessons for Kids Spark Confidence and Joy

A performer who enrolled in singing lessons for kids.
Singing lessons for kids help young artists shine with confidence both on stage and in real life.

For kids who can’t help but sing–whether it be belting show tunes in the car, wailing into their hairbrush in front of the bathroom mirror, or singing backup to every pop star on the radio–our singing lessons for kids Group Vocal classes are affordable and allow your child to enthusiastically explore the magnificent world of Vocal Music.  

We Sing Before We Speak

It’s an art form as old as time — literally. The vocal production of musical tones, also known as singing, is so natural to mankind that the tradition even predates the development of spoken language! If the eldest ancestors of humans felt it worthwhile to imitate the sounds of nature with beautiful melodies and intricate vocalizations, there must be something special to it. You may even remember that your own child likely sang or babbled melodically before using actual words!

Fast forward to present day, and music is all around us, rarely without accompanying vocalists. The art form of singing has become so ingrained within our society that its natural beauty and eloquence can be found in even the most mundane of settings, including grocery stores and elevators. Despite its widespread availability and listenership, participating in the creation of music is something entirely unique. Vocal Music instruction and involvement helps to foster creativity and individuality that is so distinctive to this art form. It is really unlike anything else.

Singing Lessons for Kids in Orange County, CA

At Stagelight Performing Arts, our small Group Vocal lessons encourage confidence, lay a foundation for basic music theory, and expose young singers to a variety of music genres and styles. Students build camaraderie through ensemble work but test the waters as soloists in our safe and welcoming classroom environment. Bonding over music and sharing discoveries along the way also make this class a great place to make new friends. 

During each weekly class, students engage in warm-ups that keep their vocal cords safe and growing appropriately, pitch and tone exercises, studies in harmony, and vocal control exercises. Essentially, our class helps transform your child’s favorite hobby into a carefully studied discipline that allows them to fall in love with the art form even further. Concepts that students build on week-to-week include breath control, healthy vocal production, technical use of vowels and consonants while singing, and an understanding of dynamics, rhythm, musical patterns, and note recognition.

Prepare for a Successful Singing Lesson

It is important that students wear comfortable clothing that they can sit and move in (no midriffs showing). They should also bring a folder to keep copies of the music materials they receive throughout class time.

Singing at a Higher Level

If your child is Broadway-bound or just simply can’t stop singing wherever they go, we encourage a higher level of study. Vocalists who have completed at least one year of Vocal Music training and have instructor approval are invited to enroll in Group Vocal II where their exploration into the art of Vocal Music goes to an even higher level.

Artists in this class continue to build upon the foundations they learned in Group Vocal I and are then exposed to a greater variety of music literature and style, learn strong sight-reading skills, analyze scores, enhance memorization skills, execute complicated harmonies, and grow as more confident performers. For the students hoping to continue to hone their vocal music skills, our Group Vocal II class provides training at an affordable price, compared to the cost of Private Vocal Lessons. (see below).

As our Group Vocal II class requires an elevated skill level from our singers, students are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. Instructor approval is given to currently enrolled students in their annual class recommendation forms at the end of the current season. For new incoming students, vocalists who have taken singing classes at other studios or schools may be ready for a higher level. If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline, you can schedule an assessment with one of our teachers. If enrollment is currently open and you are interested in registering for an upper level class, please email the studio at to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified vocal coaches.

When Should I Enroll My Child in Private Singing Lessons?

It is recommended that at the conclusion of one or two years in Group Vocal II that Private Voice Lessons become a part of your child’s training where he or she works directly with a Vocal Coach to put together an audition portfolio and perfect songs specifically suited to their unique style and capabilities. By enrolling your child in Private Voice Lessons,  you can give them the confidence and skills needed to land that next vocal role at school or in their next production.

Be Prepared for that Standing Ovation!

Enrolling your child in our Group Vocal singing lessons for beginners or in our intermediate level Group Vocal II can pave the way for participation in a variety of vocal music activities. Consider Private Lessons if your child’s focus is on furthering their skill development, participating in church choir, landing a role in their next musical, or bringing the audience to a standing ovation at the school talent show! Are you ready to see your child shine? Don’t forget to bring the tissues, as we know you’ll tear up with pride! Be sure to grab a spot in Group Vocal today.




It’s time for your child to live on stage. Secure their place in Group Vocal class or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!