Ballet Class Builds Artistry and Discipline

A dancer performs on stage after working hard in Ballet Class.
A beautiful dancer takes the stage for a performance to demonstrate her focus and hard work in Ballet Class.

Poise. Strength. Flexibility. Artistry. Discipline. Ballet is well-known as a dance form that builds these qualities in any willing student who commits to a focused practice in Ballet Class.

Become a Part of a Beautiful Legacy

The Ballet art form was first introduced in Italy in the 15th century. Once Catherine De Medici, the wife of King Henry II of France, began to fund Ballet in the French court, its popularity grew. Over the next 100 years or so, and with the aid of King Louis XIV, the formal vocabulary and terminology for Ballet was created as a way to standardize the art form. Several centuries later, Russian choreographers and composers began conceiving some of the most recognizable pieces such as The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake, which helped to further popularize the discipline worldwide.

Today, Ballet remains one of the most respected and coveted art forms. Dancers who choose to participate in Ballet Class are rewarded with a greater sense of confidence, improved sensory motor performance, and an amazing outlet for creative expression. Not only do they become a more well-rounded dancer, they become a more well-rounded person.

Ballet Class at Stagelight Sets the Foundation for Strong Technique

At Stagelight Performing Arts, our Ballet Class helps your child develop more controlled body movement (think, less clumsy and more graceful), stronger muscles (allowing your dancer to jump higher and dance more powerfully), and a heightened awareness of their own improvement as a dancer (learning for themselves, “I can do hard things!”). While all of these skills help your dancer become a more versatile performer, the discipline of Ballet is also essential for teaching life lessons and skills such as a heightened sense of commitment, dedication to improvement, perseverance, self-discipline, and teamwork.

Each of our weekly Ballet classes consists of a structured Ballet barre warm-up where dancers move through a traditional series of patterns and movements, centre floor work that builds core strength and balance, jump exercises that build strength and stamina, and across-the-floor patterns that promote artistry and technical prowess. The various Ballet combinations learned in class help your dancer memorize choreography at a faster rate, helping them learn more quickly in other areas of study as well.  It is a powerful and beautiful artform that builds a strong technical foundation for all dancers and performers–whether your child’s dreams are of starring on stage or screen. And although the study of Ballet at first can seem daunting, formidable, or boring, we know that with disciplined practice over time, the Ballet barre soon feels like home to young performers.

Dress the Part to Increase Discipline and Focus

Image of Ballet Class uniform at Stagelight Performing Arts
A dancer shows the proper dress code and hair-do for Ballet Class at Stagelight Performing Arts.

Similar to wearing a gi and special belt color for martial arts, or a specific uniform for sports, Ballet comes with a strict and unique dress code. Girls enrolled in Ballet Class at Stagelight Performing Arts are required to wear pink tights, pink Ballet shoes, level-assigned leotard, level-assigned Ballet skirt is optional, with hair in a secured bun. Boys are required to wear black leggings, black Ballet shoes, level-assigned T-shirt, with long hair secured out of the face. 

All dancers may arrive to class in dance warm-ups that include Ballet sweaters, leg warmers, or dance pants, but all warm-ups must be removed at the conclusion of the Ballet barre warm-up or at the teacher’s direction.

Be sure to grab all of the Ballet gear you need for class HERE!

Class Uniform Encourages Unity and a Sense of “Corps” Performance

Dancers are required to purchase their level-assigned leotard (for girls) or T-shirt (for boys) through Stagelight Performing Arts. For girls, an optional level-assigned skirt may be purchased for an additional fee. Be sure to stop by the front desk on your first day of class to purchase your required classwear. Seeing all the dancers in class wearing the same uniform is impressive, exciting, and powerful. 

From Beginner to Principal Dancer

If your dancer has completed one or more years of training in Ballet Class, they may be ready to move into our more advanced levels. Designed for the utmost of dedicated dancers, our Ballet II and Ballet III/IV are  the perfect place to further develop more controlled body movement, stronger muscles, a heightened awareness of his or her own improvement as a dancer, and a deeper understanding of artistry and performance quality.

As our Level II, and Level III/IV Ballet classes require an elevated skill level from our dancers, they are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. Instructor approval is given to currently enrolled students in their annual class recommendation forms at the end of the current season. For new incoming students, performers who have taken Ballet classes at other studios or schools may be ready for a higher level. If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline, you can schedule an assessment with one of our teachers. If enrollment is currently open and you are interested in registering for an upper level class, please email the studio at to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified instructors.

Accept the Challenge, Reap the Rewards

If your dancer is up for the challenge that is the Ballet art form, we invite them into our safe learning environment. Once they perfect their arabesque or grande jeté, you will see the joy on their face from having conquered the challenge. Ready to join us at the barre? Enroll in Ballet Class today!



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