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We proudly offer a performing arts education that shapes happy, healthy kids who love their art, strive for excellence, and positively impact their community.

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about us

Stagelight Performing Arts is a studio that supports your child’s desire to perform–at school, in the community, pre-professionally or professionally–by offering quality Acting, Dance, Vocal Music and Musical Theatre training in a safe and welcoming learning environment. If it is your desire to see your child grow as a performer, without the timely and financial commitment that a competitive studio requires, we are the studio for you. Our classes enrich and challenge students, encouraging them to grow as unique and talented artists; our curriculum is developmentally appropriate. We are the place for kids who know what it means to “live on stage.”

It’s Our Mission…

…to shape happy, healthy kids who love their art, strive for excellence, and positively impact their communities through their role as young performing artists.


As of January 2018, Stagelight Performing Arts calls a beautiful, new 6700sqft location “home.” This home is equipped to provide quality instruction in multiple performing arts disciplines, while providing comfortable waiting areas for students and families alike. Visit us at 2657 Saturn Street for a tour and to try a free class!

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  • 1 private vocal studio provides spacious seating for a student, teacher, and 1-2 guests (parents or siblings).
  • 3 versatile studios that house our Acting, Musical Theatre, and Dance classes; all equipped with mirrors and sprung floors with a Marley overlay; all studios include windows for parent viewing.
  • 1 1600sqft dance studio equipped with sprung flooring and a Marley overlay, mirrors, ballet barres; parent viewing is provided by a live-view camera system with TV monitors in two areas: our Lobby and Family Room.


  • 2 restrooms
  • 1 kitchenette complete with sink, dining table, and refrigerator
  • 1 Family Room area for watching classes, waiting between classes, and entertaining little siblings while big siblings are in class.
  • 2 homework stations, one in the Lobby and one in the Family Room 
  • A large and welcoming lobby

our staff

Our staff is dedicated to shaping a generation of performers who set high standards of excellence. Click on any image below to read more about our staff at Stagelight Performing Arts.

Alyssa Gramer
Alyssa Gramer
Co-Owner | Tap & Combo
Candi Spahr
Candi Spahr
Jazz, Combo
Crystal Dancer
Crystal Dancer
Musical Theatre, Jazz, & Combo
Darleen Hampson
Darleen Hampson
Vocal Music & Piano
Denna Basto
Denna Basto
Office Assistant
Jade McClinton
Jade McClinton
Office Assistant
John Warner
John Warner
Musical Improv, A Cappella, & Piano
Josiah Cortez
Josiah Cortez
Katy Abrego Cortines
Katy Abrego Cortines
Preschool Dance, Jazz, & Combo
Kyle Short
Kyle Short
Vocal, Piano, Guitar
Lindsey Russo
Lindsey Russo
Co-Owner | Musical Theatre, Combo, & Acting
Megan Holland
Megan Holland
Office Manager
Phil Nieto
Phil Nieto
Improv, Sketch Comedy & Musical Improv
Samantha Burbidge
Samantha Burbidge
Office Assistant


Please help us keep our parking lot safe and efficient by:
– Pulling straight into the center and turning left at the FAR END of the parking lot into our side
– Pulling forward as far as possible to drop off your children
– Parking only in unmarked stalls or stalls labeled 2657
– Do not send your children across the parking lot from the right side of the lot to our side (no matter his or her age)
– Please use safety and caution at all times when pulling out of stalls and driving through the lot
– No unattended children in the parking lot

Parking and Drop off map

PICK UP POLICY (for children dropped off)

Please help us keep our kids safe at pick up by:
– Driving straight into the business center and looping around all the buildings to line up in our valet line
– Pulling forward as far as possible to pick up your children
– Stay against the building to leave room for passing traffic
– Drive slowly and watch for children!
– Please use safety and caution at all times when pulling out of stalls and driving through the lot

Parking and PICK UP map2


Are we the right fit for your child? We hope so. And we hope some of these frequently asked questions and answers will help you make that decision. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (714) 255-1714 or send us an email at

Do you offer free trial classes?

Yes! First-time students are welcome to try one free trial class before enrolling.

Why doesn’t your studio participate in dance competitions?

Our students are very busy performing in school shows, community productions, and auditioning for pre-professional and professional work. Our classes at Stagelight Performing Arts are designed with that student in mind– the one who wants quality training without the time or financial commitment competition programs require.

What is the relationship between Stagelight Productions (in Brea and Whittier) and your studio?

Janice Kraus, the owner of Stagelight Productions, saw a need for a studio like ours that would provide a fun and engaging learning environment for children and students who are interested in sharpening their acting, dance, and singing skills. After some years of discussion and planning, Janice’s daughter Lindsey, and her friend Alyssa, built the studio to provide that very thing. Although the two businesses have many things in common, they are two separate entities. It is our desire to see children and students participate in many performance opportunities while studying at Stagelight Performing Arts, including those Stagelight Production shows at Whitter and Brea. However, attendance at Stagelight Performing Arts plays no part in the casting of roles in Stagelight Production shows. Nor does participation in Stagelight Production shows require attendance at Stagelight Performing Arts.

Both businesses desire to see young performers grow, learn, and enjoy their experiences in the performing arts. We believe in the importance of every child’s unique development and strive to provide positive experiences that meet the needs of our participants. We know the reality of the performing arts industry: not everyone “wins” all the time. Not everyone gets the lead part in shows; not everyone gets the part he or she wants every time. This is an important (and sometimes difficult) lesson for young performers to learn, but it is an important part to a child’s development, nonetheless. By encouraging positive interactions between our students, parents, peers, teachers, and show directors or choreographers at both businesses, we are demonstrating to our students the importance of working hard, “nailing the audition,” and accepting the casting director’s ultimate decision.

What is the Triple Threat Advantage Program? What are the benefits?

Students are automatically enrolled in the Triple Threat Advantage Program when they are enrolled in at least three classes per week at Stagelight Performing Arts. A “triple threat” is a performer who is skilled at acting, singing, and dancing, so we encourage our students to take one of each of these disciplines to become a true triple threat. However, to qualify for the Program, three classes in any discipline can be taken. Benefits of participating in the Triple Threat Advantage Program include advanced ticket sales for showcases, a headshot on our lobby wall, and more.

If my child’s class falls on a holiday, or if the studio is closed for a holiday, is my tuition for that Session discounted?

We do not discount tuition for holidays, as many months have a fifth week that keeps a monthly average of four weeks per month. However, if a scheduled class falls on a single-day holiday such as Labor Day or Memorial Day, a makeup class will be permitted within one month of the holiday. Makeups are not permitted for full week closures such as Spring Break and Winter Break.

Does your studio do recitals?

There are various performance opportunities at Stagelight Performing Arts. Our showcases provide an excellent opportunity for students to get more “stage time,” participate in the creation of scenework, group work or choreography, and demonstrate what they’ve learned.

We believe live performance is an integral part of a child’s development in performing arts training. However, we also believe that a child’s performing arts education should not be entirely geared toward the end result of an annual “recital.” Our season allows time for students to experiment with various shorter works for a number of weeks and then work toward a longer piece of work to understand the commitment level it takes to put performances together.

All performance opportunities will involve a certain level of commitment, and our expectations will be clearly disclosed prior to every performance commitment. Information on performances will be announced over our website, Facebook, and in-studio.

What if my child chooses not to participate in the showcase… Will he/she be asked to “just stand to the side” during class?

Your child will never be asked to “stand to the side” in one of our classes at Stagelight Performing Arts. Although we hope you and your child see the value of participating in our showcases, performances are never mandatory. We are experts at creating an engaging atmosphere in the classroom for ALL students, whether or not they are participating in the final showcase.