What do I need for Class?

Set yourself up for success on stage and in life by showing up to class prepared. Here are the things you need that will help prepare you for success in your classes.

Ballet classes in Orange County usually require a strict dress code. This dancer is wearing the proper dress code for Ballet III at Stagelight Performing Arts.
A jazz dancer leaps into the air in an impressive toe-touch.

Ballet Dress Code, ages 7-18 

Dancers enrolled in Ballet at Stagelight Performing Arts are required to wear: Females- pink tights, pink ballet shoes, level-assigned leotard (must purchase through Stagelight Performing Arts for $25), level-assigned ballet skirt is optional (must purchase through Stagelight Performing Arts), with hair in a secured bun; Males- black leggings, black ballet shoes, level-assigned T-shirt (must purchase through Stagelight Performing Arts for $25), with long hair secured out of the face. Dancers may arrive to class in dance warm-ups that include ballet sweaters, leg warmers, or dance pants, but all warm-ups must be removed at the conclusion of the barre warm-up or at the teacher’s direction. Purchase your $25 studio-assigned leotard or shirt on your first day of class, but before then, grab your tights and ballet shoes for a great price here.

Jazz Dance Dress Code, ages 7-18 

Girls should wear a leotard and leggings or dance shorts, or workout wear, with hair secured out of the face. Boys can come dressed in workout wear or essentially anything they can move in. All jazz dance students should wear slip-on jazz shoes. Our favorite brands are Capezio or Bloch, and our preferred colors are black and tan. Traditionally, the color of the shoe should match the color worn on the ankle or lower leg. For instance, if the dancer is wearing black leggings, black jazz shoes are best. Alternatively, if the dancer is wearing skin tone tights or bare legs, a tan or skin tone jazz shoe is best. Having two pairs of jazz shoes is not required, however, especially as it becomes quite an expense with how fast your child’s feet grow! If you want only one pair, we recommend black jazz shoes. Feel prepared for class by grabbing your gear here.