Your child’s introduction to the world of the performing arts should be full of fun, silliness, color, and imagination. If you are looking for the perfect creative outlet for your child that also gets their body moving, Preschool Dance Class is your best bet. It may just become their new favorite activity!

Private Lessons for More Individualized Instruction

You only get better with practice, and for some, Private Lessons provide the perfect place for even more focused instruction and practice. If your child is serious about performing and wants to enhance their skills as an actor, dancer, singer, or musician, Private Lessons can be an effective part of your child’s weekly schedule.Look below to see what we offer in our classes:


In Private Lessons, students are able to work directly with their teacher to come up with a custom plan to meet their performing goals.


Whether it's building a book of 16-bar audition material, a full repertoire, or general skill progression, Private Lessons can set up your child for success in the performing arts.


Your performer will walk away from each session with a stronger ownership of their craft and more confidence in their abilities.


Students who enroll in weekly Private Lessons for the whole season have the chance to perform in one of our annual shows.


Although occasional drop-in style private lessons are available for audition prep and such, the best progress is made when you commit to weekly Private Lessons.


Note that Private Lessons have unique policies that are different from our general class policies. Visit our Policies page to see the details.


Angelique Calvillo

Ms. Angelique specializes in Private Vocal Lessons. Look below to view her current openings. 

Darleen Hampson

Ms. Darleen specializes in Private Vocal Lessons. Look below to view her current openings. 

Hailee Maley

Ms. Hailee specializes in Private Vocal Lessons. Look below to view her current openings. 

John Warner

Mr. John specializes in Private Vocal and Piano Lessons. Look below to view her current openings. 

Kyle Short

Mr. John specializes in Private Vocal and Piano Lessons. Look below to view her current openings. 

All Private Lessons tuition is $45 per half hour and lessons are weekly.

  • Students must be 7-years or older in order to enroll in Private Lessons with any of our instructors. Any age below 7 is not accepted to enroll.
  • Private lessons are charged at time of booking. No refunds on private lesson payments. 
  • Private lessons must be canceled via email to with the date of your expected absence. Private lessons must be canceled with 24-hour notice to receive credit that can be used toward future lessons. 
  • When a private lesson instructor is sick, a qualified substitute is provided. Private lessons with a substitute cannot be cancelled for credit. 


Secure their place in any Private Lesson class or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!


How much are your classes? Do you offer sibling discounts?

Our pricing structure is based on the number of classes each student enrolls for as shown above. Additionally, there is a mandatory registration fee of $30, and we do not offer any sibling discounts. 

Private Lessons are $45/per half hour and lessons are weekly. 

Please click here to read more about our Tuition, Pricing, and Billing policies. 

Are there shows for Private Lesson students?

Yes! Our Private Lesson students have their own showcase called Stagelight Sings at the Curtis Theatre during the Spring.

More information about our Showcases are sent through our newsletter emails, our website blog, posted on our social media accounts, and also shown in our in-studio slideshow.

Can my child enroll in a class that is intended for an age group slightly older than theirs?

We typically allow for a standard six-month grace period surrounding the specified age limits (except for Private Lessons, please see above information for the starting age). It is advisable to initially enroll her in a class appropriate for her current age group, especially for the first half of the season.

If the grace period exceeds six months beyond the age limits, or if the instructor advises considering a different age group, instructor approval may be required.

There are so many classes my child wants to try, can we do a trial for as many classes as we want?

We only offer a one-time free trial per student. However, we offer drop-in passes that you can purchase through the Customer Portal to try out as many classes as you’d like.

If you’re interested in purchasing a drop-in pass, you can purchase it through your Customer Portal account under “Merch & More!” (drop-in passes are only available during our open enrollment periods).