Preschool Dance Class

A child in Preschool Dance Class performs with joy
Young dancers in Preschool Dance Class grow in confidence in class, on stage, and in life.

Have you ever wondered if your child is destined to Live on Stage? Are they consistently searching for the spotlight or always dancing like nobody’s watching? Well, we have the absolute perfect place for them to start! Your child’s introduction to the world of the performing arts should be full of fun, silliness, color, and imagination. If you are looking for the perfect creative outlet for your child that also gets their body moving, Preschool Dance Class is your best bet. It may just become their new favorite activity!

Developing the Whole Child

Based on Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain-Compatible Dance Education and developed by Stagelight Performing Arts’ co-owner Alyssa Gramer, our Preschool Creative Dance Class curriculum provides developmentally-appropriate activities that capture your Preschooler’s attention, promote safe gross motor development, enhance your child’s creative development, and increase your child’s confidence while performing in front of an audience. You’ll see your child blossom in confidence, make new friends, grow stronger, and fall in love with performing in this class.

Burst with Pride

Watch through the classroom window with joy as your Mini learns to balance, gallop, and jump with balance beams, spots, and obstacle courses. See brain connections develop when your Mini finds the beat of the music with tambourines, maracas, scarves, and drums. Overflow with pride as your Preschooler learns to share and take turns with other kids while growing into his or her own unique person.

Worried your child may be too scared to meet a new teacher or see new faces? That’s perfectly normal! However, there’s no anxiety necessary — we’ll get your Mini moving with joy in no time. With our friendly teachers and fun class props, they won’t want to leave!

Prepare Your Mini for Preschool Dance Class

It is important that your Mini arrives to dance class in clothes that won’t be distracting for them. We recommend purchasing special dance class clothes to heighten your child’s experience and set the tone for an exciting class: Girls should wear tutus, leotards, or a special set of play clothes just for Preschool Dance Class (no midriffs showing); Boys should wear a special set of play clothes just for dance class. All Preschool dancers should wear ballet shoes.

For ballet shoes and other Preschool Creative Dance Class necessities, be sure click HERE!


A required class fee of $25 covers the cost of your child’s personal Preschool Creative Dance Class Kit which includes all the items your child needs for class. Kits must be brought to class each week, and students must only use items within their own Kit during class. Kits are color-coded and will be distributed at your child’s first class.


Now Moms and Dads, you’re ready to watch through the windows (and take hundreds of pictures!) while your Mini flourishes in our Preschool Creative Dance Class. Be sure to secure their spot in class today!


It’s time for your child to live on stage. Secure their place in Preschool Creative Dance class or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!