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Mikayla Haugen is a Stagelight Alumni! She currently resides in Fullerton, CA. She graduated from Biola University in 2023 with a B.A. in Music (Voice) and a B.S. Business Administration (Management). Mikayla just completed a five month assignment with The Walt Disney Company as a full-time Hotel Operations Leadership Intern at the Disneyland Resort in the spring of 2023, and at the same time, she wrapped up her two undergraduate degrees! In August 2023, Mikayla will begin working which includes teaching at Stagelight!
Mikayla studied Musical Theatre, Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Group Vocal at Stagelight. The first class she ever took at Stagelight was called “Teen Rotation,” and each week, they would study a different style—ballet, jazz, or contemporary/modern, and then repeat. Ms. Alyssa always drew their attention to the conceptual and technical connections between the styles from week to week, and this really helped make the class feel cohesive even though the subject matter was so diverse. This class was Mikayla’s first formal exposure to technique, and it was helpful to learn early on that the same core principles show up in *all* styles of dance.
Mikayla was a TA for several years at the studio, and her favorite on-stage memories at Stagelight came from seeing her classes perform their pieces! Mikayla always thought that it was rewarding and exciting to see their hard work pay off in real-time during showcase weekends. Mikayla’s time at Stagelight Performing Arts taught her a lot about dance and artistry, but it also taught her how to be a good human being, how to have a strong work ethic, and how to treat herself and others with kindness and respect. These are the skills that have followed Mikayla into adulthood and into a career in business leadership.
“If you have any interest in growing your leadership skills, you should definitely apply to become a TA! The time I spent as a TA at the studio was truly a training ground for so many skills that opened doors for me in high school leadership opportunities, helped me get into college, and prepared me to interview and receive offers for great jobs.” – Mikayla Haugen
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Mikayla Haugen