Daphne Stift is a Stagelighter Alumni! She currently resides in Davidson, North Carolina and is studying Genomics/Bioinformatics at Davidson College. Daphne is currently just a student and intends on going to Grad school then into the field of Biological Research and specializing in applied genomics/molecular genetics! 
Daphne studied many disciplines at Stagelight! In her later years, she began focusing on Tap, Voice and Improv. Her favorite in class memory at Stagelight was the shenanigans the Improv team would pull during class. They had these bits they would do to annoy Mr. Phil where they would be obsessed with Portugal and always incorporate it into their scenes during Improv and it would drive Mr. Phil crazy! Another favorite memory she has with Stagelight was onstage during a Contemporary piece she done in her early years. Daphne remembers being very proud to go on stage because they all performed as a unit, especially during this one part in the piece where they all became interconnected in a diagonal line. 
Stagelight helped Daphne a lot with people skills and learning to work with others in a collaborative setting. In the research field there are a lot of times when there might be differing opinions on how to set up methods, or perform certain calculations but Daphne and her colleagues work as a team to find a solution which lends itself to everyone ideas. This was something that she had to do a lot at Stagelight when it came to things where we would have creative liberty, such as on the film team, improv team, or even in dance classes.
“Enjoy your time at Stagelight cause it flies by fast, and keep in touch with your friends! I still am very close with most of my friends who I made there and it is so much fun seeing where everyone and is seeing all of the cool things people are doing (especially people still pursuing performing arts!)” – Daphne Stift
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