If your child can’t help but move when music hits the air, often unintentionally finding themselves getting lost in the sounds and rhythms of each song, our Contemporary Dance classes is the best place for them to creatively experiment and express their feelings when words just aren’t enough.

Contemporary/Modern Dance Class for When Words Aren't Enough

At Stagelight Performing Arts, the discipline of Ballet is essential for teaching life lessons and skills such as a heightened sense of commitment, dedication to improvement, perseverance, self-discipline, and teamwork. Once they perfect their arabesque or grande jeté, you will see the joy on their face from having conquered the challenge. Look below to see what we offer in our classes:


Structured exercises, drills, and choreographic sequences designed to develop strength, agility, control, and creativity in movement.

Integration with Music

Synchronization of movement with the rhythm, melody, dynamics, and emotional qualities of the music being used.


Exploration and communication of emotions, feelings, and inner experiences through movement.

Tailored to students

Instruction, curriculum, and learning experience are customized to meet the individual needs, abilities, and interests of the students.

Emphasis on expressive art

The exploration and development of creative expression, emotional depth, and artistic interpretation within the realm of dance.

Personal expression

Communicate their emotions, thoughts, experiences, and identities through the art of movement.


We offer a one-time free trial per student! If you’re interested in trying out our Contemporary/Modern dance classes, please email us at 


A dancer wearing a leotard and leggings with her hair in a secured pony tail.

Dancers should wear a leotard and leggings or dance shorts with bare feet or tan half-soles. Hair should always be secured out of the face.

  • Girls' Dress Code

    Female dancers should wear a leotard and leggings (no midriffs showing) with hair pulled back securely out of the face.

  • Boys' Dress Code

    Male dancers should wear black leggings or shorts and a t-shirt.

Dance warm-ups are permitted during the class warm-up (sweaters, leg warmers) but should be removed at the teacher’s direction so proper placement and technique can be more easily corrected.


Advance Dance Technique
Performance Quality
Choreography Development
Dance to Communicate
Deeper Understanding of Artistry

As our Level II, and Level II/III Contemporary/Modern Dance require an elevated skill level from our dancers, they are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline,  please email the studio at to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified instructors.


Still not convinced this class is the right place for your child? The most amazing thing about Contemporary/Modern is that it welcomes all bodies, all minds, and all hearts, as long as they come open and willing to try new things and learn. Whether your dancer likes to dance fast and powerfully or gracefully and delicately, they'll find that Contemporary/Modern at Stagelight Performing Arts welcomes them with open arms and open opportunities!


How much are your classes? Do you offer sibling discounts?

Our pricing structure is based on the number of classes each student enrolls for as shown above. Additionally, there is a mandatory registration fee of $30, and we do not offer any sibling discounts. 

Please click here to read more about our Tuition, Pricing, and Billing policies. 

Are there shows for the Contemporary/Modern students?

Yes! Our Contemporary/Modern classes participate in both of our bi-annual Showcases, Winter Showcase and Summer Showcase. 

More information about our Showcases are sent through our newsletter emails, our website, posted on our social media accounts, and also shown in our in-studio slideshow. 

My child has Contemporary/Modern experience, can they take a level II or higher?

As our Level II and III Contemporary/Modern classes require a slightly elevated skill level from our performers, they are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. For new incoming students, performers who have taken Contemporary/Modern at other studios or schools may be ready for a higher level.

If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline, please email the studio at to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified instructors.

How do I know if my child can move up to the next level?

A feature in your Customer Portal–Evaluations! These stars represent the progress your child has made in each of their classes. In the future, you’ll be able to track your child’s skill progression throughout the year, but for the first phase of this rollout, Evaluations are here to help you determine which classes your child is approved to enroll in next season.

For more information about Evaluation Stars, click here

Can my child enroll in a class that's intended for an age group slightly older than theirs?

We typically allow for a standard six-month grace period surrounding the specified age limits. It is advisable to initially enroll her in a class appropriate for her current age group, especially for the first half of the season.

If the grace period exceeds six months beyond the age limits, or if the instructor advises considering a different age group, instructor approval may be required.

There are so many classes my child wants to try, can we do a trial for as many classes as we want?

We only offer a one-time free trial per student. However, we offer drop-in passes that you can purchase through the Customer Portal to try out as many classes as you’d like.

If you’re interested in purchasing a drop-in pass, you can purchase it through your Customer Portal account under “Merch & More!” (drop-in passes are only available during our open enrollment periods).