Vocal Music Discipline

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From school talent shows, choir, and the theatre stage, our affordable Vocal Music classes will prep you for your big performance this year.

A Cappella Pop for ages 10-15: Students become skilled at harmonizing and mashing up songs, “Glee”-style! Using nothing but their voices, students in this class wow audiences with style, talent, and “Pitch-Perfect” sounds.

Group Vocal Lessons for ages 7-9, 10-12, and 13-18: Small group vocal lessons allow each student to experience building a balance of Music Theory, vocal technique, and exposure to a wide variety of vocal styles. Each piece is carefully chosen by the instructor to exemplify essential practice in warmup techniques, pitch, tone, harmony and control.  Specific skills for each level are outlined below:
Level I
Breath control
Healthy vocal production
Technical use of vowels & consonants
Basic music theory in dynamics, rhythm, patterns, and recognition
Level II
Level 1+the following:
Variety in literature for audition material and styles
Sight-reading and score analysis
Memorization techniques
Level III
Solo and ensemble technique through harmony and character development
Solving vocal challenges and matching technique with particular styles

Musical Theatre Song & Dance for ages 4-6: Students will experience the thrill of singing, dancing, and performing. Half the class focuses on Vocal Music skills; the second half focuses on Broadway-style movement.

Musical Theatre Song and Dance for ages 4-6, 7-9. 10-12, and 13-18: Students will be challenged to learn and perform quickly in our combo song and dance class–“rehearsal style.” One half-hour of vocals and one half-hour of dance will enhance students’ abilities to sing, dance, and perform simultaneously. This class helps students learn and perform quickly. We recommend that students take a second “technique class” for a more in-depth study of dance or vocal music and so technique can be more quickly applied in the Musical Theatre rehearsal-style class. Such technique classes include Broadway Jazz, Jazz, Ballet, Contemp./Modern, or private lessons in any of these areas. Level II Musical Theatre classes require the additional technique class.

Private vocal lessons for ages 7+: Encouraged for students seeking an individualized focus in tone, voice projection, or vocal solo work. Call the studio to inquire and for availability.

Level III Vocal Classes and Workshops:  Periodically offered for Advanced and Adult performers. Please check schedules for topics and waiting lists.

Master Classes in performance technique by professionals active “in the business” to inform, educate and experience real-world audition opportunities.  These will include willing students, parents and guest performers.  Please check website and flyers for dates – and to register as an auditioner or parent.

PRIVATE VOCAL MUSIC LESSONS AVAILABLE. Call (714) 255-1714 for schedule and pricing.

What do I need for class?

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears and straight to the heart.

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Private Vocal Lessons
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