Tap Dance Lessons

It’s almost impossible to put into words what the study of Tap Dance does to the heart of a dancer. But when you see your child fall in love with this art form, you can be certain that what your child learns in tap dance lessons will become part of the soundtrack of your life forever.

Tap Dance Lessons and Their Connection to a Long Legacy

Tap dance as we know it now was birthed during slavery. Slaves, whose African instruments were unjustly taken from them (along with their homes, families, and identities) used their feet to create percussive rhythms that helped them connect to their culture, express themselves, and communicate with others. The founders of Tap Dance literally had nothing–no possessions, no freedom, and loss of home, family, and friends–yet they danced. They danced to grieve, to find joy, and because they couldn’t stop their hearts, minds, and bodies from doing so. For dancers today, it is an honor to study this art form and continually acknowledge its heartbreaking foundation paired with its undeniable spirit of hope.

Studying Tap Dance helps students understand its rich historical context, social awareness, rhythm, music theory, kinesthetic awareness, and artistry. The joy that radiates from the art form is contagious. Watch as the intricacies and steps challenge dancers, leaving them hungry for more.

Tap Dance Classes at Stagelight Performing Arts

Tap dance lessons at Stagelight Performing Arts include rhythm work, rudiment series, coverage of classic tap steps and rhythmic hoofer-style tapping, presentation of key tap dancers throughout history, choreography, performance skills, and challenging improvisational exercises. Not only does the study of Tap Dance lead students toward becoming more well-rounded dancers, it allows them to gain a greater appreciation for the historical context from which this discipline was born and encourages them to continually fall in love with the art form each time they step through the classroom doors. Becoming a member of the Tap Dance legacy is special; finding your own voice through the study of this art form is exhilarating.


It’s time for your child to live on stage. Secure their place in Tap Dance class or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!

A dancer joyfully performs in a Showcase after enrolling in Tap Dance Lessons at Stagelight Performing Arts.

Dress for the Part

Jazz dancer wearing a leotard and leggings with her hair in a secured pony tail.
Dancers in Tap Dance class should wear a leotard and leggings or dance shorts with full sole lace-up tap shoes. Hair should always be secured out of the face in a bun or ponytail.

Dancers should wear a leotard and leggings or dance/workout wear (no midriffs showing), hair secured out of the face, and sturdy tap shoes. We recommend a full sole lace-up tap shoe for all levels of Tap Dance. Find the tap shoes you need HERE!

Let’s Kick it Up a Notch

If Tap dance has already provided the soundtrack to your child’s life for at least a year, your dancer is likely ready to delve even deeper into this art form with Level II or Level III/IV.

Our Tap II and Tap III/IV may be the perfect class for dancers who simply cannot stop moving their feet or doing buffalos across the schoolyard. Through more complex rhythm work and exercises, dancers challenge themselves to work harder and continually improve, all within the community of dancers and friends that are equally as committed to excellence.

As our Level II, and Level III/IV Tap classes require an elevated skill level from our dancers, they are required to have instructor approval to enroll in the class. Instructor approval is given to currently enrolled students in their annual class recommendation forms at the end of the current season. For new incoming students, performers who have taken Tap classes at other studios or schools may be ready for a higher level. If your child has completed at least one year of outside training in this discipline, you can schedule an assessment with one of our teachers. If enrollment is currently open and you are interested in registering for an upper level class, please email the studio at stagelightarts@gmail.com to schedule this assessment with one of our qualified instructors.

Now, let’s hear you drop that rhythm

Studying the art of Tap Dance is an absolute privilege, and we look forward to watching your child embrace this art form whole-heartedly! Is your child up for the challenge? Find out by enrolling them today!