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Shane Norys is a Stagelighter Alumni! He currently resides in Orange County, CA and is currently a Dancer/Specialty Performer with the Disney Cruise Line, traveling all over the world doing what he loves!
Shane studied Musical Theatre & Dance at Stagelight. His favorite memories at Stagelight was the Winter Showcase and his jazz class performed “Run Boy Run” with Ms. Alyssa. Shane loved the time he spent at Stagelight, but his favorite on-stage memories was doing Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as Judah and Dan, The Music Man as a dancer, and Beauty and the Beast as a dancer as well. With the back to back seasons of shows Shane did, Stagelight helped him grow as a performer and gave him a start into the art he does professionally now. Stagelight was the first company Shane ever did Theatre with and will always be the “birthplace” for his love of performing. Once Stagelight Arts opened up, Shane was able to have that dance outlet that made him realize dance was what he wanted to do! 
“Keep pushing & keep growing for yourself into what you want to achieve. Whatever you dream of doing or whatever your goals are, can happen, if you just put in the work, but also don’t forget to have fun! After all, if you don’t love what you do, the why do it? When it comes to auditioning, be open to everything & just go to the audition. If you go in with low expectations, the outcome is usually pretty amazing!” – Shane Norys


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Shane Norys