Olivia Langford is a former Stagelighter! She is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA and is currently attending University of Southern California studying Music Industry. Olivia is currently a Cast Member at the Disneyland Resort. She plays Nala and Timon in their production of Tale of the Lion King.
Stagelight not only shaped Olivia into the performer that she is today, but also gave her the confidence as an individual. Each class Olivia took helped lay out the foundation for what it means to be a performer, how to take care of herself, and how to bring a story to life. She has applied all of these lessons she learned to her every day life, even after her time at the studio. Looking back now, Olivia says she is grateful for her time here. The amount of opportunities that have come to Olivia is all thanks to the time she put into practicing her craft. Without Stagelight, Olivia says she wouldn’t be the performer that she is today.
Olivia was with Stagelight for 3 seasons, and she studied Musical Theatre, Group Vocal, Tap, Jazz, Stretch & Conditions, and also took Private Vocal Lessons. One of Olivia’s favorite memories was when a former Elphaba from the Broadway tour of Wicked came to the studio to provide insight on life in the industry. She still has the signed t-shirt from this workshop as a reminder to herself to keep going as she believes that with hard work and dedication, she will be inspiring the next generation of performers. Olivia’s favorite on-stage memory was being able to pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. in a tap dance interpretation of his famous “I Have A Dream Speech.” This helped shape her storytelling focus to emphasize social movements as well as sharing the stories of her ancestors.
“Stay focused and trust the process. The road may seem long, every changing, and different from your peers, but know that your friends, family, and teachers are here to guide you through this journey. Stay true to yourself and remember to breathe; it will all work itself out in time.” – Olivia Langford