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How long have you been working with Stagelight?
23/24 Season is my first time! 
What do you love most about your job?
What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Sunbathing at the beach and going to cool cafes with friends!
What are 3 fun facts about you?
1. I love to skate with my long board
2. I’ve won a pageant in 6th grade
3. I whistle with my bottom teeth.
Why did you choose to pursue a career in your field?
I knew dance was the thing I was most passionate about growing up. I can’t live my life without dancing, so I decided to make it my career!
If you weren’t a teacher, what other job could you see yourself pursuing?
I could have been a chemist or a writer!
What’s your favorite musical, movie, and/or show?
My favorite musical is Singing in the Rain!


Jazz, HipHop, Combo, Dance Tricks & Turns

Kris Kniseley was born and raised in Southern California, one of the biggest dance hubs of the US. She has an extensive dance background that has allowed her to stay in tune with current dance trends and grow a technically unique and expressive movement vocabulary.

Kris was technically and artistically trained for 18 years in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, modern, acrobatics, hip-hop, and jazz funk. In her younger years, she attended classes from LA’s top studios like Edge Performing Arts Center, Millenium Dance Project, and Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. She additionally competed with her local dance studio, Dance Creations, for 6 years, inevitably socializing and competing amongst many of today’s top industry and concert-centric performers. Once she graduated from high school, Kris continued her dance education via undergrad degree programs, began teaching at local dance studios, and further expanded her performance career into the professional realm with both her choreography and drive to perform. While establishing herself as a professional dancer in the LA county, Kris was invited to study with KCDC Dance Journey in Israel to expand her training and insights of dance on an international level. Throughout the years, she has worked with prestigious LA choreographers such as Michael Nickerson-Rossi, Wendi Baity, Ken Datugan, Heather Castillo, Beth Megill, Jeremy Hahn, Michael Williams, and former Diavolo Dance Theatre members David and Crystal Zibalese, and has performed at well-known professional venues such as LA Culture Collide, Ruban Rouge’s Dance Co. Awakenings and Beginnings, Movement Theater CoLab New Work’s Project, and ACDFA Annual Dance Festival.

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