Julia Uyemori is a Stagelight Alumni and is currently residing in Fullerton, CA. She is attending The Master’s University and is majoring in Business/Accounting. Julia is currently working two different internships in Accounting. One is in public accounting, and one is for a company that does finance for K-12 schools. She has also done calligraphy for a couple of weddings!
Julia studied Tap, Acting, Acting for Camera, Musical Theatre, Modern Dance, and Private Vocal at Stagelight. She always loved the week before showcase when the mirrors were all covered and the classes would get together to perform for each other. There was so much adrenaline in the air and usually costumes everywhere. Julia always thought it was a fun way to prepare to be on stage! One of her favorite on-stage memories at Stagelight was when she was in Musical Theatre with Ms. Lindsey, and they did some of the original choreography from A Chorus Line! Getting to be in a kickline with your friends as the curtain drops for intermission is a very iconic moment for a musical theatre kid like Julia. She believes that her years at Stagelight have helped her become a strong candidate in job interviews. Stage presence and connecting with an audience are skills that have carried over to the interview process as well as the workplace in general.
“Cherish your time at Stagelight! Cherish every second of your classes, every note you get to sing, every time your tap shoe hits the floor, every word of feedback or correction from a teacher. Warm-up exercises matter. Waiting in line to cross the floor matters. You are learning from amazing teachers who have so much to offer, so really cherish every moment you have with them.” – Julia Uyemori