Jade McClinton is a Stagelight Alumni and she currently resides in Brea, CA. She is studying at California State University of Long Beach and is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences. She currently working at a teen rehabilitation facility. Jade specializes in working with teen girls who have clinical mental health adversities. Besides work, Jade attends many psychology conferences and presents her research from her University’s Neruopsychology lab and honors program.
Jade studied Musical Theatre, Jazz and Tap at Stagelight. Her favorite memories at Stagelight include learning choreography with Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Alyssa, and she loves every memory she has when performing on stage with Stagelight. Stagelight helped Jade because she was constantly working with people who were younger than her. She also learned how to adapt very quickly in almost any situation. When it comes to presenting at school events and conferences, Jade knows how to speak clearly and at an appropriate volume.
“Fake it til you make it! You are capable of AMAZING things!” – Jade McClinton