Hunter Nelson is a former Stagelighter! He is currently residing in Orange, CA and is currently working as a parade performer and a department trainer at Disneyland while also being a MainStage performer at Knott’s Berry Farm. Hunter graduated from USC in 2021 with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, Emphasis in Acting.

Hunter’s years at Stagelight prepared him to walk into auditions confident in his abilities as a performer. Stagelight also taught him that talent can be important, but being kind and working hard is what will continually book you jobs in the industry.

Hunter was with Stagelight for a total of 3 seasons, and he studied Dance. His favorite in-class memories was nailing a new skill that took months to learn while his favorite on-stage memory was performing with his friends.
“Go to class. And then go to class again. The skills you learn now will develop you into a more thoughtful and consistent performer. Did I mention go to class, and sign up for more classes?” – Hunter Nelson