Emma Hill is a former Stagelighter! She is currently residing in Portland, Oregon and is attending Reed College studying as a History and Dance major while also being a tour guide at her college.

Stagelight Performing arts is where Emma gained so many valuable insight on the performing arts business, as well as preparing her how to properly audition for projects. Stagelight also prepared her to dance at a college level!

Emma was with Stagelight for a total of 4 seasons and she studied Tap, HipHop, Jazz, Modern, Ballet and Acapella. Her favorite in-class memory at Stagelight was being a TA and working with the Tap/Ballet combo class for 4-6 year old kids. Emma’s favorite on-stage memory at Stagelight was doing the Heritage Parade because she loved dancing through the community alongside her Stagelight friends.

“Take as many classes as possible, and practice practice practice!” – Emma Hill