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Ella Caraway is a Stagelight Alumni and is currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently attending Molloy CAP21, a Musical Theatre Conservatory in Manhattan. Ella is studying to receive a BFA in Musical Theatre. During her free time, she works as a teacher at a performing arts studio in New York called To The Stage. Ella teaches dance, singing, and acting classes as well as direct musicals!
Ella studied Jazz, Tap, and Private Voice at Stagelight. Her favorite in-class memory of Stagelight was finally getting her single pullbacks in Tap class. It was a very exciting day and all of her classmates were very supportive. Ella’s favorite on stage memory at Stagelight was performing her Tap routine, “Wake Me Up” by Wham! because before the lights even came on the audience was cheering and people were yelling out their names. Stagelight always had the most fun and supportive audiences to perform for in Ella’s opinion. 
Stagelight helped prepare Ella for what she does now because it gave her a very safe and fun place to start testing her skills and developing her craft. Ella learned the foundations of what it means to be apart of a company and a production at Stagelight and she will always carry that with her. Ella also learned how theatre has the ability to uplift and encourage its performers as well as its audience.
“My advice for stage lighters is to encourage and cheer on your classmates louder than anybody else in the audience. It is a lot easier to try scary and brave things in front of friends who are rooting for you to succeed than those who are indifferent. Personally, it means the most to me to hear my own classmates who have watched me learn and grow cheer me on while I am onstage. They will always be my favorite audience to perform for.” – Ella Caraway


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