While Stagelight Performing Arts has always provided a safe place for your kids to hone their performing skills and “live on stage,” the COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the ways we must operate. Never has the safety of your kids, your family, and our staff been of greater concern than it is at this time. And although you can still expect the same level of care for your children in our programs, many of our policies and procedures have changed in order to maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance possible.

Together, we form an ensemble. You are part of our team. Participation in our classes and programs at Stagelight requires acceptance and cooperation of our new policies and procedures outlined below. We thank you for your help in keeping our doors open to Stagelighters for years to come!


As much as we want to see you back in class every week, it’s important that you only come to the studio if you are completely healthy. Before arriving, make sure you can check off each item on this list:

No fever. Temperatures above 100* will not be permitted inside the studio.

No COVID-19 symptoms or anyother sickness.

You have not been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

You have your mask packed and ready to wear upon arrival.

You have your dance shoes packed and ready to wear upon arrival.


In order to increase social distancing measures within our common areas, parents with children ages 7+ must drop off children or wait in the car during class. For children ages 2-6, only one parent may accompany the child into the studio. Anyone who enters the studio must:

Have their temperature taken contactless by a staff member at the main entrance. (Anyone with a temperature higher than 100* will not be permitted to enter.)

Use provided hand sanitizer before entering.

Wear a cloth face mask.

Students will line up for class as directed by staff. Attendance is taken by staff; no iPad check-in.

Maintain social distancing within all common areas and follow any posted signage or floor spots to maintain social distance.


Our classroom environments remain engaging and exciting, while new social distancing and cleanliness practices have been put in place:

Students line up on designated spots in the lobby and common areas before class.

Students wear masks during class; teachers wear face shields.

Once inside each studio, bags are placed on designated spots.

Students stand on floor spots in class as directed by the teacher.

Hands-off correcting and no shared equipment. Class activities are arranged so social distancing is maintained.

Classrooms are cleaned and sanitized between each class.


To keep an efficient and safe traffic pattern moving throughout the studio, all student pick-ups after class will happen at the rear of the building. Make sure you:

Drive safely in our parking lot.

Put a sign in your car window with your child’s first and last name printed clearly.

Follow the map below to safely pick up your children.

We thank you so much for your cooperation during this time!