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Holiday Showcase 2017 at Valencia High School

RED CAST: Friday, 12/15 at 6:30pm [Download Packet here.]

 GREEN CAST: Saturday, 12/16 at 1:00pm [Download Packet here.]

Costume Information:

All other costume pieces will be provided as a part of your child’s costume rental fee. Some exceptions apply (such as props and black under shorts), but those exceptions will be communicated clearly.

Schedule for the week of the Show:

Holiday Showcase Calendar



“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” [Musical Theatre 4-6 & 7-9]

Acting Scene from Ms. Danielle’s class

“Nutcracker-Waltz of the flowers_CUT”.[Ballet IA & IB ages 7-9]

“Reindeer Pokey” [Preschool Dance classes]

“Up on the Housetop” [Tap II on Wednesdays]

“The Nutcracker: Chocolate” [Ballet IIB]

Acting Scene from Ms. Danielle’s class

 “The Nutcracker: Polichinelles” [Ms. Bonnie’s Tap/Ballet Combo on Tuesday mornings]

“Christmas in 90 Seconds” [Tues Group Vocal II ages 7-9 & 10-12 and Friday Group Vocal I ages 10-12]

“Favorite Things” [Musical Theatre Act & Dance ages 4-6 on Mondays and Saturdays]

“What Child is This?” A Cappella II


Acting for Camera Screening

“Hot Chocolate” [Musical Theatre ages 10-12 & 13-18]

“The Nutcracker: Coffee” [Ballet IIIA & IIIB]

Acting Scene from Ms. Danielle’s class

“SparkleJollyTwinkleJingly” [Ms. Alyssa’s Tap/Ballet Combo on Wednesdays and Thursdays]

“Christmas in California” [HipHop/Jazz Combo]

“What’s Inside” [Group Vocal III]

“Christmas the Whole Year Round” [Jazz I ages 7-9]

“White Winter Hymnal” [Contemp./Modern ages 10-12]

“Cool Yule” [Tap II ages 10-12]

Scene from Ms. Danielle’s Acting class

“Boogie Woogie Santa Claus” [Tap II ages 13-18]


“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” [Musical Theatre ages 4-6 & 7-9 on Tuesdays]

“Angels Interlude” [Contemp./Modern on Tuesdays]

“Snow” [Broadway Jazz on Thursdays]

Scene I ages 10-12 from Ms. Lindsey’s class

“Up on the Housetop” [Tap I ages 7-9]

“The Nutcracker: The Battle” [Ballet IIA]

“The Nutcracker: Polichinelles” [Tap/Ballet Combo Mondays]

“A Solfege Christmas” [Group Vocal I on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays]

Acting for ages 7-9 [ Ms. Lindsey’s class]

“Little Drummer Boy” [Tap III ages 13-18]

“Favorite Things” [Musical Theatre on Wednesdays ages 4-6]

A Cappella I


Acting for Camera film screening

“Hot Chocolate” [Musical Theatre ages 7-9 & 10-12 on Saturdays]

“The Nutcracker: Tea” [Pointe]

Scene 2 Acting from Ms. Lindsey’s class

“SparkleJollyTwinkleJingley” [Tap/Ballet Combo and Tap/Musical Theatre combo on Fridays]

“Disco Santa Claus/N.O.E.L” [HipHop ages 7-9 & 10-15]

“Just Like That” [Duet/Trio]

“Peanuts Christmas” [Jazz I ages 10-12 and Jazz II ages 7-9]

“Winter Song” [Contemp./Modern ages 13-18]

“Cool Yule” [Tap I ages 10-12]

“Christmas Time Again” [Jazz II ages 10-12 & 13-18]