Practice VideoS

Practice Music


Treat this project like a real live performance. Spend some time putting together the details–costume, hair, makeup–and give yourself plenty of rehearsal time before filming. Here are the guidelines for performers in Musical Theatre II:


  • Dancers should dress “performance ready” for this video, just as if they’re performing in front of a live audience!
  • Hair back from face and secured, in a “school day” style.
  • Wear blush on the cheeks, colored lipstick, and eyeshadow to enhance features for the screen.


  • Plan to wear your favorite school outfit (denim, shirts, sweaters, etc.), the one that you feel best in. Try to avoid as many large logos as possible. Think more prints and solids rather than graphics if possible. This helps your audience focus more on your performance and less on what your shirt says.
  • If you want to really channel Evan Hansen, here is a polo shirt we “found.”
  • Wear sneakers or any shoe that matches your outfit. Make sure you can still dance well in the shoes you choose!






  • Dust off that school backpack! You’ll need it for this performance.


Three videos due June 17

Required videos:

  1. Send a video of your dance performance using the settings listed below.
  2. Send a video of yourself singing the song. Use headphones to listen to the music so the recording just picks up your voice. Don’t worry, you’ll be blended with everyone else’s voice in the final video to sound like an ensemble. Make sure, even though this is for audio purposed, you’re still performing to the camera while singing.
  3. Send a video of yourself “close up” to the camera, smiling, waving, bowing, blowing kisses, etc. for 10 seconds with no music.

When preparing to film your part for our Showcase, please take care to do the following so that we can have consistency in the clips (any not conforming will be returned and asked to be reshot):


  • Performer should be in full costume and makeup as noted in Performer Details.
  • Make sure you smile and perform full out with energy and enthusiasm!


  • Plan to film during the daytime in a room that provides good natural light.
  • Make every effort to have a solid color background wall, or make the background as clean as possible. 


  • Set your phone to the highest camera setting possible for maximum quality. 
  • Make sure the volume is all the way up on your phone before you start filming.
  • Be sure to begin filming about 5 seconds before the start of your performer’s routine and for five seconds after while your performer holds the final pose.
  • Make sure the performer’s body fills the frame of the phone (not too close or too far back). We should see the dancer’s whole body with space in the frame around his/her head and feet.
  • The phone must remain still while filming. Place the phone still on a table or your lap, etc. so it doesn’t move or shake while filming the routine.


  • Film in Landscape Orientation (Horizontally) on the phone, with the camera lens on top.

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