Home Activities for Minis: Dance Workout with Barbie

This is literally THE BEST workout video to have ever been invented, and your Mini Stagelighter will love it. Filmed in 1992 (I know, you might have to have a brief history lesson with your Mini) and featuring a young Jennifer Love Hewitt, this workout video will totally inspire your Mini Stagelighter to get moving, get fit, and get dancing!

Not only does this workout video feature early CGI and the hippest moves of the 90s, it’s complete with jammin’ electro beats and a full dance work out, from warm-up to cool down.

Get your Mini dressed in his or her best workout clothes (leg warmers are a major plus), get that side ponytail as high as it’ll go, and find the full workout video here. And hey, moms and dads can join in this one too! Don’t forget to snap some pictures of your Mini working out and send them to us at stagelightathome@gmail.com. And we’re sorry in advance for your Mini’s newest obsession (kind of)!

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