Improv for Kids, Conquer the Unknown

A young actor in improv for kids
A young actor in Improv for kids laughs at his fellow performer’s antics.

Picture this. Dedicated actors walking onto a fully lit stage with no idea of what’s about to happen. The audience settles in, anticipating a great show. They’re here to laugh. They’re here to see something new. But the actors have no script, no plan, and no idea if their performance will land. If that sounds terrifying, you’re aren’t alone! But does the exhilaration make the whole experience worth it? Unquestionably so!

Have you ever wondered how your favorite comedic moments in cinema came to life? Although it’s possible the jokes were scripted, it’s also likely that the actors improvised! If you’ve ever been to an Improv comedy club, you know that this is entirely possible. Although common across the nation and world now, this art form is a fairly recent addition to the discipline of Acting and to the performing arts. We’re proud to offer Improv for kids and Improv for teens as a part of a well-rounded performing arts training program at Stagelight Performing Arts!

Where it All Began

A trend started by Broadway producer Budd Friedman in New York City during the mid-1960s, this specific genre of the Acting art form actually started as a karaoke-type entertainment. Broadway stars like Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli participated in the early forms of Improvisation at intimate NYC venues, leading sing-alongs for fellow Broadway performers. Once comedians began using this hangout setting to test new material, they quickly overtook stages everywhere. Comedians and audiences alike were drawn to the adrenaline-inducing art form that kept everyone on their toes. Once you experience it, whether on stage or off, you find yourself continuing to return.

The Risks and the Rewards of Improv Acting

The art of Improv Acting is challenging work, but when the crack of laughter hits, the reward is unparalleled. Students in Improv experience the thrill of working organically from heart and head, with no script. In our rapidly-changing culture, Improv Acting helps your child develop a skill set that helps them make the best of situations, even when there is no playbook.

At Stagelight Performing Arts, Improv Acting is all about creating humorous sketches and scenes from scratch. Improv Actors take what they know about history, pop culture, and community and come up with improvised scenes at the mention of a random suggestion from the audience or their fellow performers.

Although this type of performance and craft takes an incredible amount of courage and vulnerability, the amount of growth you see in your child because of this class is astounding. Through the practice of Improv, you’ll see your child’s trepidation turn to tenacity and insecurity to instinct. Students who study Improv become smarter risk takers and learn to “roll with the punches” both on and off the stage.

During Improv class, your child engages in various improvisational exercises that improve skills in quick thinking, teamwork, character choices and development, emotions, flexibility within a scene or script, and preparation for more successful cold readings.

Prepare for the Unknown

In order to keep your child engaged and focused during class, make sure that they come to class wearing comfortable clothes, and more importantly, they with a good attitude and an openness to explore.

Does this all still sound a little scary? That’s the point! Enroll your child in Improv Acting at Stagelight Performing Arts and watch them conquer the unknown!


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