HipHop Dance Classes for Kids

HipHop Dancer poses at the end of her routine on stage.
A young HipHop dancers finishes her performance with a post on stage.



Dress the Part and Be Ready for a Good Time

It is important that dancers come to class wearing the right attire. All HipHop students should wear comfortable clothing or workout wear (no midriffs showing) and sneakers, with hair pulled out of the face. 

Make sure your child comes to class ready to sweat, work hard, smile, and laugh with their new friends. After all, the friendships and sense of overwhelming reward when they nail their new moves make the hard work immeasurably worth it! Watch your dancer’s confidence soar as they learn moves and grooves that will keep them dancing for years to come. Secure your spot in one of Stagelight’s most popular classes today!


It’s time for your child to live on stage. Secure their place in Hip Hop Dance class or any of our other fun and engaging classes by logging in or creating an account through our Customer Portal. We can’t wait to see you in class!

Grooving, popping, locking, and feeling the music in your bones is what HipHop class is all about! What can be better than that?! Once the music hits the air, we can guarantee that your child won’t even realize how hard they are working. All that matters is the rhythm, the movements, the history, and the community.


In comparison to some of the other disciplines we teach here at Stagelight Performing Arts, our HipHop classes for kids are a fairly contemporary style. Although its origin dates back only 50 years, this modern style of movement is rich with history and culture. One of the most defining features of HipHop dance, and perhaps a reason as to why it gained such widespread popularity in a short span of time, was its accessibility. No formal or classical dance training was required to become a HipHop dancer; all a dancer needed was a strong passion, creativity of movement, and rhythm. This unique element brought dancing to the streets! 

Whether dancers were taking part in the East Coast’s b-boy trend or the West Coast’s Pop & Lock style, communities of dancers all came together to celebrate a new type of creative expression – one that was inclusive and all-encompassing.

If your dancer can’t seem to stop watching their favorite pop star’s backup dancers, want to show off their best moves at the next school dance, or simply love learning and perfecting the trendiest dance moves, HipHop at Stagelight Performing Arts is the perfect place to realize those dreams.


Our HipHop class is welcoming, upbeat, conservative, and offers a great workout for kids. Not only does this dance discipline offer a supportive and friendly creative outlet for your child, but it is great for helping to increase coordination, promote muscle development, and build self-confidence. Through fun combinations and routines, watch your child master the basics of grooving and freestyle, learn the importance of different body mechanics, and improve upon the skill of picking up intricate choreography. The best part is, they don’t need any prior dance experience to enjoy this class. Trust us, once they get a feel for the music, they’ll be begging to return to the studio. 


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